LMEGuides is expanding our team. We are looking for several writer-editors to research, write, and edit articles on a variety of topics for our network of websites.

Successful candidates will be bright, curious, independent workers who are able to work effectively as part of a remote team. An excellent command of English grammar is required. A working knowledge of AP style and Media Wiki is helpful.

LMEGuides writers share in a revenue pool that is allocated based on their contribution to the site. As a result, compensation will vary based on how much a writer produces, and how well the site does. Over the past twelve months, payments to individual writers have ranged from $3.29 to $2,892.91 a month.

In addition to the rev share, we also pay monthly cash bonuses to writers who meet certain incentives.   The incentives and level of the cash bonus vary each month.

If you are are interested in learning more, send a note to Please include a 300 word sample of your writing, and indicate which of our sites you are interested in writing for. Writers are welcome to write for all five sites, but can also choose to specialize in just one.

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  1. Nancy Faigen says:

    I work in the healthcare area in a variety of ways. I have been doing this for over 25 years.

  2. wardah says:

    I would like to offfer my services as a freelance writer. I have been into this profession for a year and I am adept at writing descrptive essays, reviews, research papers etc.


    I am in freelance writing & journalism for the last 11 years and above. I have been writing on a few reputed print publications in India besides my current online contributions. But I need a regular online source now that will publish my articles etc. I write on Indian political and cultural matters for print publications but my online contributions are of different genre and goes free without being attached with any particular level , where I do write about anything under the sun , supported by researches, studies and observations.

  4. Jane Kimari says:

    Executive writers has been in writing for four years, and have a big number of professional qualified and experienced writers.

    We cooperate only with writers who have advanced writing skills, appropriate education, corresponding specialization and enough experience! We hire real professionals with years of academic experience! We assure that each of our essays and customer work is original and authentic.

    We look forward for a positive consideration. contact us on for samples and discussion on our services.


    Executive Writers

  5. Majah says:

    I am not sure if my material would fit in to what you’re seeking.
    I like to wite in ‘article’ form and just write 140 characters these days on Twitter.
    Along with articles of Prophecy through Mayan understanding, I enjoy writing and learning about our political climate and its’ characters and leaders.
    In your description of what you seek, you mentioned independent, and I must say that appeals to me.
    Perhaps an agreed upon amount of approved Articles and contract, with details to be negotiated?
    Please read my Bio on Sedona, AZ · as well as my Profile here on LinkedIn.
    Thank you kindly for your time.
    Sincerely, Majah

  6. Wanda Thomas says:


    My name is Wanda Thomas. I saw your ad in LinkedIn’s Freelance Writers group. My background is in Healthcare. I have 20 years experience as a Medical Records or Clinical Coder. I also have attended Columbia College as a Film/Screenwriting student.

    If you like an writing sample, please check out these sites. and

    I’ve written more blogs for grads uk. But the staff isn’t posting due to winter break.

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  8. Don Bair says:

    Judging by your last candidates, a boring and uneventful job application would qualify as a writing platform. My writing style is more, how would you say,..interresting. Friend me on fb, read a sample of my writings, and I’ll get back to you. Be sure to read “The “S” Word”, Erma Bombeck gave it a rave review. But, that was Erma, she was a sweetheart.

  9. Geraldine Barker says:

    Being retired, I have no recent business experience writing, but I was a secretary for 20 years, and am obsessive about spelling and punctuation. I follow and write in several blogs, although I’m not sure that’s a good recommendation. I read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction, so if this is about reviewing books, it might be a good fit.

  10. Hey

    Are you still correcting the posts of yours?

    I’ve found 4 spelling mistakes.

    Best regards,
    Marie Schiller

    • admin says:


      All pages on our sites are constantly being updated. Since we have over 5,000 pages of content, human errors are bound to slip through. Please send an email with any concerns you have to admin@lmeguides.


      Susan MacDowell

  11. Dr Sumit Ghoshal says:

    I am a healthcare journalist with over 25 years of full time experience. I am about to retire in a few months and therefore able to take up freelance work from here on. With my educational background and experience, I could prove useful in the Pharmacy Drug Guide section.

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